Friday, December 21, 2007

The Zang Family Holiday Newsletter 2007


Christmas is our favorite time of the year. We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important in life. It is this time of the year when Jane and I rediscover how fortunate we are to have a close family, great relatives, and wonderful friends. Gone, it seems, are the days of traditional Christmas Cards. However, here is a brief snapshot of The Zang Family in this moment of time.

After almost 2 years, Neka gave her last performance in Wicked. She is now in London for a few months, working with choreographer and artistic director, Brian Friedman (So You Think You Can Dance, Brittney Spears, etc.). Neka will miss the friends and cast members of Wicked, but she is looking forward to advancing her career. Plus, her new boyfriend, Jan, lives in London. We're not sure Neka will miss Chicago, having been spoiled by Manhattan. She will be moving to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2008. For the first time ever, Neka will not be with the family this Christmas. We will all miss her.

Mari is in her final year of law school at McGeorge in Sacramento. She enjoyed her additional studies abroad, and worked for the EPA this past summer. Mari also completed her Intern Program with the Department of Homeland Security, and most recently received another Internship with the District Attorneys Office in Sacramento . She will work in her chosen field, environmental law, and not criminal law, as is usually associated with the D.A.s office. Mari is an avid snow boarder, a true 'powder hound." She jogs and plays tennis to stay in shape. We are happy to say she will be home for the Christmas Holiday.

Jane is nursing and Evan is consulting. Duh! No changes, thank God. Mr. Honey, our 2-year old adopted Tuxedo kitty, is definitely a lot of fun for Evan who now thinks he is a professional cat trainer!

Whenever possible, Jane joins Evan on business trips. We've had some nice"vacations" in Orlando , New York , and so on. Heres a picture of us, freezing to death in January, posing in front of the opulent Plaza Hotel New York.

Sadly, this wonderful historic property is being renovated into ultra-expensive condominiums. With Neka in London , it could mean a trip abroad for the entire Zang clan in mid-spring. For the first time in 13 years, we will not be in New York for Christmas. But we're not complaining. We send our prayers for Peace, Health, and Hope to all for 2008.

With All Our Love, Evan, Jane, Mari, and Neka!
(Jane White)

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