Saturday, February 28, 2009

Westmoor Achievement Hall of Fame

Did you know this exists and we are not represented
The Westmoor Achievement Hall of Fame honors the best students of each graduating class in the following categories:

Student Body President
Senior Class President
Outstanding Seniors
Social Science
Drama Speech
Industrial Arts
Home Economics
Foreign Language
Boys P.E.
Girls P.E.
Service Award


The list of names on this site start with 1965 seniors. Does anyone out there know the answers for our class so we can submit the names.

here is the list from the other classes.

and while we are at it
Have you looked at this site:
It seems strange to think it has been over 50 years since Westmoor first opened it's doors to students.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What happened on Sunday, Feb. 9, 1964??

Why that was the famous night on the Ed Sullivan Show when the Beatles appeared.

You can read about it in detail in this article
And That's the Way It Was: The Story Behind The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
by Bruce Spizer
Beatlefan Magazine, Jan-Feb 2004

...and here we are 45 years later and Paul McCartney appears on the Grammy awards singing "I Saw Her Standing There"..the same song that Bob Bishop, Mike Smith, Jim Manning and Dave Sholin lip synched to in the gym for our Senior skit!!

Thanks to Dave for submitting this great article

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Schools of Tomorrow

Everyone is always talking about the design awards Westmoor High won. Here is an article written about the architect a few years ago

Works writ bold
Architect believes creative design can change how people live
Dave Weinstein, Special to The Chronicle
article written Saturday, October 22, 2005 - to view the article go to this website

Here is the Time magazine article from September 12, 1960.
"Schools of Tomorrow". TIME Magazine : September 12, 1960. Time Inc. (1960).
- to view the article go to this website,9171,897555-1,00.html

We have the following thoughts from marsha wilson miner

"As we gracefully age, there are events in our lives – some daily,

some not--that seem to renew our appreciation for what

we have, rather than what we don’t: each new day, family,

the ability to laugh at ourselves, health and especially

high school reunions. For no where else can we magically be

taken back to a time when a” Bart” was a tough guy, an

“Ivy Leaguer” was a cool dressed collegiate – and, in spite

of our differences, respect for one another was ongoing, not rare.

We always have been and always will be “The class with class.” "

Linda Fratto Brewer was named Public Education Person of the Year by Calif Water Environment Assn/SF Bay Section.

new email addresses on the website
Ray Frizza
Kathleen O'Dea
Jim Fisher

Some comments from classmates who are planning to attend the 45th.
Charlotte Bond
01/16/2009 (1 guest) Yes. It will be nice to see everyone since I missed the last one

Delessio, Odette
10/28/2008 (0 guests) Yes. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there! Never know how many more we can make!

Descalzo, Judi
08/25/2008 (1 guest) Yes. I am looking forward to our next reunion. We always have such a wonderful time together.
I think it is wonderful that after all these years we can still get together and relive our youth.

Phillips, Rinice
08/24/2008 (1 guest) Yes. Had so much fun at the last one am coming again.

Roccos, Elaine
08/23/2008 (1 guest) Yes. Can not wait!

Steele, Robert
08/24/2008 (1 guest) Yes. If Jerry and Terry are coming, I guess I'm locked in!!!!Steers, Carol

Vanham, Carol
01/13/2009 (1 guest) Yes. This will be the first time since the 25th that we will be able to attend. Please send a registration form. Thanks, Carol Vanham Soult

Wilson, Marsha
08/24/2008 (1 guest) Yes. If the 45th is anything like the 40th, it will be a terrific affair! We need to grab onto and enjoy all that makes us happy! See you there.

I've added a music player to the site. If you don't like it you can mute the volume. If there are favorite songs you want added to the mix please email me at

Leap Year Party

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