Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Springtime 2008

To all my former classmates from Lynda Loftus Smith - Tuscon, AZ! Many thanks to all those who've been keeping the "reunion fires burning" --- you know who you are: Marian, Ron, Dave and others!!!

After "really" retiring 2 years ago, my husband, DuWayne Smith and I are now settled in one of our favorite places - Tuscon. I'm a retired California High School special educator now doing democratic political volunteer work plus some literacy tutoring with middle school kids. My husband's retired from his 33 year career as a therapist/counselor with the federal government .... his concern for the current status of our new veterans has gotten him named to our congresswoman's "veterans" committee -- to give her input. I go to the local nature parks, tea room and gift shops a lot but he's a "docent" showing people all the all the birds, bugs, and beautiful plants (not my thing)!
Our sons are now married and getting settled with their careers: Matt, 31, an artist and teacher -- Austin, TX. And Branden, 29, not exactly using his journalism degree but happy with his computer "gaming"work is in San Francisco.
Peace and hugs to all!!
Garden Wedding in Benicia, CA Sept 2007

DuWayne, Linda, Natalie Smith, Brandon Smith, Chandra Smith and Matt Smith

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Having big fun (but not a lot sleep) on the air each weekday morning on 106.9 KFRC. One of our regular and loyal listeners is Ron Johnson who gets quite a bit of airtime too when he calls in!! I'm at the station around 4:30-4:45 so it's early bedtimes most weekday nights. Also have a weekend feature on our sister all news stations KCBS each weekend updating the current top hit songs around the country.

Debbie and I just celebrated our 27th anniversary and our two sons are both in at SF State and one at City College San Francisco. Our daughter graduates from Terra Nova in June and we're planning a trip to Hawaii this summer to celebrate. I try to schedule time each day for a power walk on the beach or a stop at the gym. Makes those visits to In-N-Out Burger feel less guilt ridden.

Can't believe our reunion is just about a year from now. Wow

Dave Sholin

Leap Year Party

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