Thursday, August 8, 2019

Just four weeks until our 55th

Dear classmates,
Just four weeks until our 55th reunion in Reno. If you are thinking about joining us, now is the time to get your entry in to me.
I have to give a final count to the hotel in a couple of weeks AND our room block expires at the same time.
Here is the latest list of those attending our 55th reunion:
Ron & Kathy Johnson
Linda FRATTO Brewer
Marian HOWARD Gallian
Barry Wilson
Bill & Connie GREEN Tarczy
Steve Zarate & Robin Elliott
David & Linda LONG Peebles
Charlie & Linda Bruemmer
Julie CLEVENGER Bowers
Mike & Jeri Ireland
Bill & Connie SANCHEZ Green
Rich & Linda Davis
Jens & Linda McARTHUR Jensen
Roy & Violeta Pinelli
Bill & Elaine ROCCOS Mott
Sue Payette
Karen IKLER Endersbee & Dan Gillenwater
Joe & Linda GARCIA Paz
Allen & Gwen MIller
Gary & Cheryl Mendoza
Evan & Jane WHITE Zang
Eric & Julie Skinner
Larry and Eileen Kay
Ann ROSEVEAR Schraner
Jim Fotenos
George Mitchell
Rob & Zea Van Tassell
Cherie TOMLINSON Wodarski
Rich Carlson
If you are touch with classmates who are not on the list, talk to them and have them get in touch with me as soon as possible.
Classmates are working hard to make this a fun weekend for all. Email me at
Grandpa Ron
WHS Class of 64

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