Sunday, April 21, 2013


You spoke and we listened and now we have a new website with no passwords.  It's like our old website but with some then and now photos.  You will notice not everyone has photos.  Please send me in photos to put on the pages.  Or if you don't like the photos I chose, then send me another one you like and I will post it.  

Also I have removed all email addresses.  Unlike our old websites, this one can be found in the search engines.  We want people searching the web for our 50th reunion to be able to find us!!  If you would like me to add your email address beside your name or your personal or business website beside your name, then shoot me an email -  Ron and I have both added our emails.  I won't add yours unless you send me an email allowing it.

P.S. - there are a lot of websites out there trying to look like they are our official website, but they are not.  The only official website is

Big news!!!!!
Our Friday night social will be held at Sparky's Garage in San Carlos.  Combine meeting and greeting old friends with viewing all the memorabilia at Sparky's and some solid gold oldies on the jukebox and you've got a winning combination. 

The committee is all fired up and final decisions are being made.  This is going to be a HUGE and memorable event for all of us.  We are pulling out all the stops.  Registration forms and other data will be online soon.  But don't wait - stop by the website now to take a look.

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