Friday, May 1, 2009

Less than 2 weeks to go now!

We're still taking reservations if you've just decided to attend.

Reservation forms can be printed here

If you are not planning on attending:
We'd love to hear from you. Please send us a letter of greeting. You can include anything in the letter such as: what you've done the last 45 years, what you're doing now, pictures are nice, your family or just a hello, how friends can contact you. Please email those letters and pictures to Marian. Those letters will be put in a book for the reunion and later will be available on the website with all other reunion pictures.

For those who are attending:

We do need an accurate count of all those who are planning on golfing on saturday. So far we have the following on that list.
Rena Snyder
George Mitchell
Yvonne Westre
Larry Westre
Bob Snyder
Bob Murray
Gary Mendoza
Ron Johnson
Eric Skinner
Mike Ireland

We are still planning several other activites

Connie is having a decorating party and the group will be having lunch.

Kathy Johnson is doing a scrapbooking shop tour.

Marian is doing a quilt shop tour.

If you want spa appointments please let us know.

We'll do a Harrah's Auto Museum tour if anyone is interested

new emails addresses are available on the website for the following:
Judy Fanfelle Wooley
Larry Homer

You may have noticed - I have moved the website to I think I was having some senior moments and too many passwords, so I moved it because this was easier. You may want to bookmark this new location.

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