Saturday, January 10, 2009

Westmoor Blue Light Special

The time is running out for the early bird discount on tickets for the reunion. The early bird special runs out on January 15th. So that means your registration must be postmarked by Thursday January 15th to get the $90 price.

Our list of attendees is getting longer with new names being added all the time and we are looking forward to seeing everyone come May. To register go to . To see a list of who's coming go to

AND THE WINNER IS --------- Judi Descalzo Robertson. That's right. Judi won the drawing for one free nights stay at the Holiday Inn for the reunion weekend. Congratulations Judi!!!!

Jerry Ball reported in with the following:"Jim Fisher , Terry Tarrach, Bob Steele and I met at my house in Santa Cruz for a short weekend to get caught up on old times a couple of months ago. What struck me most is when I would close my eyes and listen to these guys talking, it brought me back to sixteen years old sitting around with my buddies. We are dear friends but have wildly different outlooks on life. We range from far left to far right. The funny part was none of these hard heads (including myself) have deviated one centimeter from where they were back in 1962. The only thing that changed was the body these thoughts were housed in. It was a heart warming reunion and made me realize that the best friends I had I have had for more than forty years. "

I also heard from Pam Towne Lutz who writes that she has been happily married for 35 years and has spent most of that time living in Hawaii. She teaches part time at a local school.

Martin Rist is still in Camden, Maine and is active in Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management, world travel to interesting places off the tourist routes and supporting a primary school in Nicaragua. He loves to travel.

Rich Holcomb can be found in Phoenix, Arizona and owns an expresso catering service. I visited his website at and loved the idea.

I am happy to announce the arrival of my 14th granddaughter, Samantha Lynn Gallian. My 2 grandsons are so outnumbered.

We have new email addresses for Dennis Creedon, Rich Holcomb, Frank Bento, Pam Towne Lutz and Kathleen Sarubbi Baran - see the website for those.

Belated Birthday wishes for some and upcoming for others

Robert Steele Nov 13th

Marsha Wilson Miner Dec 3rd

Ruth Ann Dunn Dec 6th

Bruce Muller Dec 20th

Cinda Davidian Dec 30th

Sherry Rosen Jan 15th

Jerry Ball Jan 24th

Carole Gallman Lemaster jan 29th

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