Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reunion details expected next week

We've had our committee meeting and picked the food, location and DJ. As soon as all the contracts are signed the registration forms will be online with all the details.

We have lots of new email addresses for everyone. If you see someone on the lists you haven't heard from in awhile, drop them a note and say Hi. They'd probably love to hear from you. We've had lots of people getting excited about the next reunion and we're receiving new alumni contact information every day.

The latest email addresses added to our list are

Connie Green Tarczy
Kathy Bertolani Hardy
Jack Kelso
Martin Rist
Joe Silvestri
Alison Trigg Willians

see the website for their addresses

Also on a sad note we have information that 3 of our classmates have passed away over the last few years. We have found these people thru research in databases so we did not receive personal confirmation from anyone. If you have any information on these classmates please let us know. We don't want to post incorrect information. We have written to the newspapers to try to obtain obituary information.

Jeffrey Robert Klepper
Born: 27 May 1945
Died: 8 Jan 2005

Raymond B Sabella
Born: 28 Nov 1946
Died: 2 Jul 2006

Robert Allan Stein
Born: Feb 2, 1947
Died: 26 Jun 1991

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