Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tributes to Coach Losberger from the Class of 64


A wonderful individual who put development of youth above wins and losses.His friendship will be lost forever; never to be replaced; but committed to memory. Rod, you left a whole group of successful people out here, who, were it not for you, would be worse off. You will be missed. No place can we go and smell the unique aroma of those cigars, admire the sleek older cars you kept in perfect condition, and smile at your dapper ways and positive behavior patterns you instilled in all who worked along side side of you and had you for a teacher : no, more of a parent. You were there to fill the gaps in our lives when our own parents were not. You taught fairness and acceptance of outcomes. Who can we look to to see those cardigan sweaters, clear blue eyes, and wonderful sense of humor. It is a rarity that someone with all of your attributes could be there in tiny Daly City. Generosity, understanding, and friendliness do not even begin to tell the loss we now feel.

Barbara, we are so sorry for you in your loss. Please accept our sense of loss and sadness of Rodney as our attempt to tell you how much we envy you for being able to spend time as a dear part of his life.

I feel a chunk of my life is gone. Tony, Pete, Byron, Rodney...never will there will there be a partnership in schools to duplicate your dynamics.

Rod, I, and all to whom I have spoken , miss you, love you, and you will forever remain in our hearts.

Marc Mallinger
Westmoor High School
Class of 1964


Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Losberger family. "Coach" was a role model to many of us at Westmoor High School and his "smile" was infectious. While short on words, his wit always made us think and his humor always made us smile. There was no ego with Coach Losberger, just sincere and true concern for his students and players. You will be missed. Our hope is that you knew the impact you had on so many of us over the years and the legacy you have left behind.

Gary and Cheryl Mendoza
May 3, 2008
Rocklin, CA


Thanks, Rodney, for teaching me more than baseball. Thanks for teaching me that I can't always be the best, but I am still part of a team and play my part in the wins and losses. Many more life's lessons than I expected to get on a foggy hillside baseball field in Daly City, California.

Bob Hansen
May 9, 2008
Forestville, CA

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