Sunday, December 15, 2019

Leap Year Party

We are excited to announce our next party on Feb 29th, 2020, that's in 76 days from today. It will be a lunch in Folsom, CA at the home of Bob and Connie Green Tarczy. The party will start at 1 pm and we will eat lunch about 2 or 3 pm. There is a donation of $5 per person for food. BYOB. Come dressed casual and plan on having a good time and going home full.
I know everyone is busy thinking about Christmas and New Years, but take a minute and let us know if you think you might be able to make it to our leap year party. Thank you to Bob and Connie for hosting the party. I know we already have 11 people who have said they are coming.
Also our September cruise makes a great christmas present and there are still cabins available.
Merry Christmas to all! from the Class of '64

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Just four weeks until our 55th

Dear classmates,
Just four weeks until our 55th reunion in Reno. If you are thinking about joining us, now is the time to get your entry in to me.
I have to give a final count to the hotel in a couple of weeks AND our room block expires at the same time.
Here is the latest list of those attending our 55th reunion:
Ron & Kathy Johnson
Linda FRATTO Brewer
Marian HOWARD Gallian
Barry Wilson
Bill & Connie GREEN Tarczy
Steve Zarate & Robin Elliott
David & Linda LONG Peebles
Charlie & Linda Bruemmer
Julie CLEVENGER Bowers
Mike & Jeri Ireland
Bill & Connie SANCHEZ Green
Rich & Linda Davis
Jens & Linda McARTHUR Jensen
Roy & Violeta Pinelli
Bill & Elaine ROCCOS Mott
Sue Payette
Karen IKLER Endersbee & Dan Gillenwater
Joe & Linda GARCIA Paz
Allen & Gwen MIller
Gary & Cheryl Mendoza
Evan & Jane WHITE Zang
Eric & Julie Skinner
Larry and Eileen Kay
Ann ROSEVEAR Schraner
Jim Fotenos
George Mitchell
Rob & Zea Van Tassell
Cherie TOMLINSON Wodarski
Rich Carlson
If you are touch with classmates who are not on the list, talk to them and have them get in touch with me as soon as possible.
Classmates are working hard to make this a fun weekend for all. Email me at
Grandpa Ron
WHS Class of 64

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Grandpa Ron says

5 more Saturdays
Counting down, in 5 just short weeks we will be dancing and eating at our 55th reunion celebration in Reno. Have you sent in your reservation yet? Need any help?
Hoping to see everyone.
And congratulations to "Grandpa" Ron JOhnson on the arrival of his first grandchild, a boy!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ron and Connie put their heads together for a planning session this week.

It’s now only 6 weeks until the reunion. So if you are coming, or if you have not quite decided if you’re coming or not, now is the time to get your check in the mail so that Ron can give the hotel an accurate count for food. Also, we are approaching the time when our hotel room block is going to be lifted. I hope that you will join Connie and Ron and many of your classmates September 6-8 in Reno for our 55th reunion.
Dress for Fri eve cocktail party at the hotel is "Casual". A list of dinner venues will be available for Fri nite. If you are still up after dinner, Connie and Bill are hosting a hospitality suite in their room.
If you want to play golf on saturday reply here or email Ron so he can make tee times. Time is of the essence on this one.
Dress for sat eve is "Country Club Casual".
Breakfast on Sunday starts at 9 am and goes until 11 am.
If you have questions, let us know.
Ron Johnson
Westmoor Class of 64

Sunday, June 30, 2019

55th reunion update

Dear Classmates,

I have recently returned from Reno where I finalized the details for our 55th reunion at the Sure Stay Plus Airport Plaza Hotel.  I am very excited about our venue and the arrangements that have been made. It all starts at 5:00 PM Friday with a meet and greet reception on the second floor next to the Aztec Room. A no host bar along with assorted Cheeses, crackers, and vegetable plates for all to munch on while you catch up with each other's recent travels. You will be on your own for dinner, but Bill and Connie Green will be hosting a hospitality room after dinner..

Saturday day you will be on your own to do what you would like in Reno. 
Be aware that Reno will be hosting their annual Hot Air Baloon Races that day. It is a very special event, if you have not seen it before. Saturday night's dinner will be in the second floor banquet room and begin with cocktails at 5:30. At 7:00, the buffet will be served consisting of:

Caesar Salad
Chicken Picatta
Rice Pilaf
Triple cheese au gratin 
Seasonal vegetables
Bread and butter
AND Cake, coffee, and tea for dessert.

Sunday's breakfast buffet, also on the second floor, will be available from 8:00 to 11:00, as I tried to accommodate most everybody's
departing travel plans. 

We have rooms blocked for our class at $110.00 per night. Our room block is NOT in the Sure Stay national system, so when you call the
hotel to book your room, select the option connecting you to the front desk, NOT the reservation option. Also, because of the Hot Air
Balloon races, you should book your room early as we could experience pressure to give up our rooms to outside guests.

Hope to see you in September,

Ron Johnson, WHS Class of '64

Bill Broughton 1946-2019

Monday, May 6, 2019

55th Reunion update

Dear Classmates,
I can remember as a Junior in high school that I could hardly wait to be a SENIOR.
Today, I’m not sure that this is what I had in mindSurprised smileSurprised smile
May Day has come and gone, and we have a total of 38 signed up for our reunion.
The list of those who are currently coming is attached. Now that the weather is
beginning to heat up, so will the flow of entries for our reunion in September.
Weather in Reno in September can be spectacular, and to get a meet and greet
on Friday evening, dinner and dancing on Saturday night, and Sunday brunch
before you leave, all for the mere price of $85.00 per person, is a bargain!!!!!
And you will be able to have all the face time you could possibly want with your
classmatesWinking smileWinking smileWinking smile I know that you have already marked the date on your calendar,
so now is the time to fill out the registration form and mail it to me along with your
check. Don’t put it off any longer..............
Ron Johnson
Westmoor Class of ‘64

registration form is attached to this email
Those who have sent in registrations
Ron JohnsonKathy
Linda FRATTO Brewer
Marian HOWARD Gallian
Barry Wilson
Connie GREEN TarczyBob
Steve ZarateRobin Elliott
Linda LONG PeeblesDavid
Chuck BruemmerLinda
Julie CLEVENGER Bowers
Mike IrelandJeri
Connie SANCHEZ GreenBill
Rich DavisLinda
Linda McARTHUR JensenJens
Roy PinelliVioleta
Elaine ROCCOS MottBill
Rena Snyder
Sue Payette
Karen IKLER EndersbeeDan Gillenwater
Linda GARCIA PazJoe
Allen MillerGwen
Gary MendozaCheryl
Renice PHILLIPSDan Kristovich


Registration Form

55th Reunion, Reno Airport Plaza Hotel

September 6-8, 2019

Please fill out the following form.  Send it along with your check made out to
Westmoor HS Class of 64
Mail to:
Ron Johnson | 40 Park Terrace Ct. | Walnut Creek, Ca 94597

DATE:                   ________________________________________
NAME:                  ________________________________________         
SPOUSE/GUEST: _______________________________________
ADDRESS:           ________________________________________
CITY:                     ________________________________________
PHONE:                ________________________________________
EMAIL:                  ________________________________________
No. of tickets at $85/$95 each (Circle One) _________________                                            
The price is $85.00 per person, after August 10th it’s $95.00 per person.
Total of check being mailed $______________. All monies are refundable until August 10th, 2019.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Class of 64 updates from Ron

Dear Classmates,
Well, it is April 1st and in most parts of the country, Spring is in the air.
It also means that our 55th reunion is only 5 months away. It also means
that there is only one month left to get the bargain price of $75.00 per
person for a meet and greet party on Friday, dinner on Saturday, and
brunch on Sunday before you head home. All of that AND plenty of time
to catch up with all of your “old” classmates!!!!!!!! Prices will increase
to $85.00 per person starting May 1st.
A lot has changed for many of us of us over the last 5-10 years and,
unfortunately changes are going to be the norm going forward. So don’t
put off the chance to see your friends one more time. The regulars know
that our reunions are always a fun and memorable time.
Ron Johnson
WHS Class of ‘64

ps: the name of the hotel has changed. It is now part of the Sure Stay Hotel group by Best Western. You still need to call for reservations. 775 348-6370. Ask for the Westmoor HS room group.

pss: We have inquired and they have set aside room for  people bringing their dogs but you must arrange this in advance. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

55th reunion registration is here

Happy New Year classmates.

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 5 years since our golden 50th reunion.
The good news is that the 55th reunion is just 8 months away. We are headed to Reno
again, at the Airport Plaza Hotel, September 6-8, 2019.
Friday Sept. 6th
We will start with a meet and greet Friday night. There will be a no host bar along
with various munchies. Dinner (not included) will be wherever you chose to go.
Sat Sept. 7th
Saturday will be a free day allowing you to choose any activities you would like to
pursue. Or, you could hang out at the hotel and catch up with your fellow classmates.
Saturday night will be a dinner with dancing and lots of stories from 55 years ago.
Sun Sept 8th
There will be a Sunday brunch at 10 am for everyone before it will be time to depart.

The early bird cost for this GREAT weekend is $75.00 per person. After May 1st, the price will rise to $85.00 per person. Last minute registrations after August 10th will be $95.00 per person. All monies are refundable until August 10th, 2019.
We also have reserved a block of hotel rooms, both double queen and single king rooms. The rate is $110.00 per night plus taxes. Upgraded rooms are available but are not included in the room block.
Contact the Airport Plaza Hotel to reserve your room at 775-348-6370. Ask for the Westmoor HS room block. This rate cannot be booked online.
Rooms will be held open until August 23rd.

Please click on the attached registration form, fill it out and mail it in!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Mary Woodside Smith 1946-2018

Dear Friends

Mary Woodside Smith passed gently in her sleep early the saturday morning December 8.  She is survived by her son, nieces, nephews and of course, wonderful friends.  Mary had been battling cancer for the last 3 years.  

I received this sad information from Cinda, one of Mary's closest friends. As soon as Cinda has more information on services she will pass it on.  We will also have a mailing address then for anyone who wishes to send card.  

Mary loved to attend the Westmoor reunions and was disappointed she missed the cruise and the BBQ.  

Love to all,
Marian and Cinda

Saturday, November 3, 2018

55th reunion class of 64

Dear classmates,
Since our 50th reunion, our class has had several get togethers for lunches,
dinners, cruises, and a fabulous party at Jerry Ball’s Santa Cruz home last month.
Now it is time to begin to focus on our 55th reunion next year. The dates are set: September
6th-8th. The place is the Airport Plaza Hotel in Reno, Nevada. For the mere price of $70.00
per person, there will be a no-host cocktail meet and greet Friday night, a sat night dinner with dancing
(if anyone can still dance, at our age), and a Sunday brunch before your departure. We have
blocked 50 rooms at favorable rates at the hotel for your convenience.
Official notifications will be sent out early next year, but save the date now so there be
no reason to miss our next great class reunion.
Enjoy the upcoming holiday season and look for the official notification early next year.
Ron Johnson
WHS Class of 64

Leap Year Party

We are excited to announce our next party on Feb 29th, 2020, that's in 76 days from today. It will be a lunch in Folsom, CA at the ho...